About Us

The Purple Octopus ... What’s in a name they say? Quite evidently here, it means we are in our element in water and remain fascinated with what lies below the vast expanses of the unexplored 70% of the world.

Being passionate Scuba Divers, what could have been better than to be a part of this water world full time. The nowadays very common story of us, the next-gen, wanting more and being independent of white collar slavery, was born the idea to start our small little business, which has now blossomed into so much more.

From being the Exclusive Distributors of MARES Scuba Equipment and HEAD Swimming Gear, for the regions of India and Sri Lanka, to having a Dive Training Facility in Navi Mumbai, to sponsoring swim meets, to dive safaris, we are slowly, but steadily building towards something big. Today, under the Purple Octopus banner, we offer multiple Brands of equipment, apart from MARES & HEAD, we now offer - Shearwater, OrcaTorch Underwater Lights, DiveAssure Insurance, Aquatec Diving Accessories, Catalina, Luxfer and Alcan Cylinders, MARES XR and MARES Apnea, DiveSilver Jewellery and Scuba Schools International Dive Courses. 

Today, in a span of just over a 3 years, we are one of the leading Dive Equipment suppliers in the country with Dive Center clientele in every single diving destination of India.

With HEAD Swimming, we are building our foundations at the grass root level, with the aim to make world class swimming gear available for our athletes at the most competitive of prices with absolutely zero compromise on quality.

Most of all, we do this, because all of us here at The Purple Octopus are just so happy to be in and around water.

Founding Members

Jugal Savla & Siddharth Saini – Old Friends who grew up together, worked in the same companies together and then quit their jobs to start this venture with absolutely zero knowledge about running a distribution company but have survived to still tell the tale and make it grow!

Otis D’Souza – The Legend, you will not see him much at the forefront, but without our Otis ‘Baba’ we wouldn’t be where we are today. His wisdom, direction and blind backing have taken us to where we are today, giving us a platform like no other.